Back to school look

How many times did you wake up in the morning in a fashionable and creative mood and remember that hii you have school in a few hours?

But hii, Who said you should go to school with the usual boring outfit with the same jeans loose hair or at best a ponytail. There are full ways to upgrade the overall look in just 20 minutes without too much effort and thought and look like a real fashion freak.

I will present some options that i think will do the job and of course take inspiration and create .your own additions to emphasize your personal charm

Don’t forget to shoot and send me your look, waiting to see the upgrade of each of you and the overall look you have created!

Let’s start with hairstyles:

 Usually the first thing that stands out when you walk somewhere is your hair, Your hair can show your style before people saw your outfit

 You can use a bandanas, hair pins, bow or use curling iron and straightener.

and add some accessories :

Accessories is the best way to show who you are in small nuances, that is to add a small touch to your complete outfit that will stand out to everyone’s eyes and cause people to think wow!

wear a sunglasses
its always add something


Jewelry is the aesthetic side of your style, meaning you build a complete outfit after accessories and hair and then you add the jewelry to create a more classic, neat, rich and fancy look.



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