Travel to- Rhodes


I spent my last vacation in Rhodes and returned with a strong desire to share with everyone the most special places I visited and the uniqueness of this wonderful place!

If you are looking for a vacation in a place that makes you relax, breathe and enjoy every moment – you’ve come to the right place!

So let’s start:


We arrived from the airport by organized shuttle to the hotel, we stayed at the Mitsis Grand Beach Hotel in the center of the city, a stunning and perfect hotel for such a holiday, right on the sea with a luxurious entrance.


The hotel itself has a department store (jewelry, clothing, snacks, accessories, etc.) a regular dining room and there are several restaurants of the hotel – each restaurant ostensibly represents another style of food. For example: Italian, Asian, etc.

A drinking bar next to the lobby and of course a delicious desserts restaurant!

Large central pool + children’s pool and indoor pool.

The service in the lobby and restaurants is excellent – employees are smiling, nice and pampering.


The Old City and the New City continue each other,so that the Old City is relatively up from the New city.

The old city is a kind of pedestrian mall, a lot of shopping for jewelry, clothing and food stands, the advantage is that the place is used to tourism and therefore there are shops of almost everything.


The new city is more modern – well-known shops and world fashion chains {Zara, H&M …}

The city structure and construction are different.

Prices in the new city are higher than the Old City.

If you come for shopping, you can come twice.

In one day go through all the stalls and get into all the shops can be very exhausting.


But if you enjoy the scenery, the atmosphere and the culture one day will be enough!


Oh Lindos Lindos How beautiful you are!

Listen to me and I promise you that you will not regret it! Do not go home before you’re on Lindos Island.

The island is about an hour away from the city of Rhodes and there is usually organized transportation from central to this gorgeous island.

When you arrive, the place looks normative and may not be very different from the rest of the city, the magic you will discover when you start a journey.

The island is in the form of a spiral coming from the middle and usually goes up to about a quarter of an hour walk. Inside the island there is a center where you can go to the mayor on a donkey (I preferred not to).

The walk along the trails is stunning and the entire island is white with a very old-fashioned, aesthetic style and a sort of rustic countryside. On the sides of the road are mainly souvenir shops and from above you look out over the clear blue sea and then go down to the bottom.

There are lots of trails and roads and you can get down paths other than the ones you have climbed to enjoy more beautiful white trails.

On the last descent, you’ll understand that you’ve reached heaven and that’s nothing.

An amazing road that goes down to the sea, vegetation all around, and all in gorgeous natural colors.

When you finished the descent you came and you probably understood what I was talking about and fall in with the magic of Lindos too.

A gorgeous beach. Bright white sand. The sea is “fenced” by rocks and looks like a perfect private beach.

The beach has comfortable seating, a small restaurant among the trees.


Stand on the restaurant steps and breathe deeply and feel the magic of Lindos.


So when are you there?

Don’t forget to send me your pictures of your vacation in Rhodes!

Waiting to hear from you!



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