Beauty essentials I never leave home without


There are always the days when we know we have another long and busy day.
We woke up early so that we could get organized and look at our best even at abnormal hours.
We got dressed and put some makeup and now what?

The makeup will not remain the same after a whole day of running around. What a drag!
That’s exactly why I started to make for myself a small bag that has the most relevant products for a quick touch-up during the day without getting crazy.
Then you will probably respond like me and ask: How do we put all the products into one small bag?
So it is not that you will need all the products to strengthen and maintain the make-up from the morning!
These are just a few individual products that do not require too much and will upgrade the whole look in less than five minutes!

So what’s in my little makeup bag you ask?

I . Powder:

  The stores have a fairly wide supply of travel package powder (usually a stone powder) that fits in size for bags of almost any size and does not take up much space. After a day and a half (in good condition) my face is already showing signs of distress and being very shainy and oily.
The easiest way to fix your makeup and bring your face back to look almost as if in the morning. Going over all the faces with a tiny brush does not require concentration and patience, and comfortable for any time during the day.


II. Lipstick / Lip balm :

A little color in the lips immediately bounces the look, upgrades the look, and makes people around you think you are serious and official.
Tip: Organize a small mirror that will always be in your bag if you are not skilled enough and use it to streamline and accelerate the application.
If you do not like color – Lip balm is a perfect solution – a little shine and vitality is always good on natural lips and on the way you pamper your lips with nourishing cream.


III. Light eyeshadow + Glitter eyeshadow :

After running around for a whole day you probably already tired and before people start to see it on your red eyes, use a bright eyeshadow to create a bright spot in the eye area and create a fresher look.
The apply is very simple – apply the eyeshadow on the inner third of the eyeball  (close to the nose) and you’re done!
What depends on your personal taste is whether to put a light matt shade or a clear glitter eyeshadow .
For advanced – you can also apply a dark shade (before the bright) of concrete or two in the outer third of the eyeball (the part closest to the temples) and create a more meticulous look.


IV. Refreshing Spray:

After a tiring and exhausting day What is more pleasant and refreshing than some sprays of spray intended for refreshing and preserving the makeup.
These sparyes come in a million types and smells -lavender, coconut, roses and more …
two sprays on the face during the day will refresh the face skin and yourself.


So these are the products I never leave home without, especially on long days, And always in my everyday bag.

Don’t forget to send me your beauty essentials that always in your bag! 

waiting to hear from you!




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